Choose Red Interior Design For Beautiful Shutters And Designer Furniture In Northcote

The team at Red Interior Design is proud to offer a range of services to clients throughout the Northcote area. Whether you are looking for someone to help give your home a new lease on life or whether you are just looking to purchase some new shutters or designer furniture, we are committed to assisting you to the best of our ability. We have established ourselves as a one-stop-shop for interiors and are happy to see this commitment through.

If you are seeking interior design assistance, you have definitely come to the right place when you work with Red. We can provide space planning, which involves the creation of a room scaled layout to help you visualise your space, and colour/finish selection, which involves a selection from our Dulux colour atlas to brighten up your Northcote home. Our team can also help with custom furniture design and soft furnishings.

We understand that plantation shutters are one of the most attractive window furnishings for a Northcote property. We stock three different styles – high profile, urban block available in painted or stained timber, and weatherwell in aluminium finishes. All of these products can be custom painted to ensure a perfect match. Most importantly our shutters come with a warranty longer and more comprehensive than our competitors.


Designer Furniture
We want your Northcote home to look fantastic at all times, which is why we stock such a large range of designer and modern furniture. We guarantee that you will find a piece that suits every occasion and every room of your home, from the bedroom to the lounge room. We stock a range of popular well known brands (such as AM Living and HC28) and are also able to help you source a particular piece if you are looking for something specific.

designer furniture

Red Interior Design is committed to providing all our Northcote clients with unique and affordable solutions. We encourage you to visit our showroom, which is full of fantastic ideas, to show you what is possible with the right attitude and products. So, whether you are just looking for some decorating assistance or you are interested in purchasing some shutters or designer furniture, we are excited to help you however we can!