Choose Red Interior Design For Furniture, Rugs And Sid Dickens Artwork In Ivanhoe

The team at Red Interior Design prides themselves on offering unique design concepts and solutions for every budget. Whether you live in Ivanhoe or another area of Melbourne, we are more than happy to offer an end-to-end service that includes the planning, management and execution of your interior decorating project, as well as the provision of beautiful soft furnishings (including furniture, rugs and Sid Dickens artwork).

We are able to supply a range of furniture pieces that suit every occasion and every room of your Ivanhoe home, from the bedroom through to the home office. We stock a wide range of brands – including: AM Living, HC28, Dulton, Globe West and Furniture Inspirations – for you to choose from and are able to order in any pieces that we do not currently have in stock.

We stock a large range of rugs, many of which have been lovingly handcrafted using techniques sourced from all over the world. We have a number of categories to choose from, including – hides, Jamie Durie, harlequin, flatweave, ikat and vintage. We can even arrange a custom made rug if you so desire, because we understand that, sometimes, you are looking for a unique design for your Ivanhoe home.

Sid Dickens
We stock a large number of stunning memory blocks made by this renowned Canadian artist. Each of the blocks are hand-painted and hand-stained, ensuring a certain level of consistency across the entire range. The tiles can be displayed alone or combined to create interesting and beautiful designs for your Ivanhoe home. Please contact us if you are searching for a particular block to add to or start your collection.

The Red Interior Design team is ready and waiting to answer any questions or to help you choose from our wide range of soft furnishings products. We can help you find the perfect piece of furniture, an ideal rug to match your space or even to source a gorgeous Sid Dickens memory block. Feel free to drop into our Ivanhoe East showroom today, drop us an email via our enquiry form or give us a call – we are happy to help!