Choose Red Interior Design For Sofas And Custom Made Rugs In Northcote

The team at Red Interior Design is committed to servicing clients throughout Northcote and beyond with decorating solutions for every budget and every lifestyle. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants are able to assist you with the selection of a new sofa for your home and they can even arrange for a rug to be custom made to your specifications. And these are just a few of the professional services that we offer our clients.

Our interior design service encompasses a range of services that are designed to give your Northcote home a new lease on life. We offer space planning to help you visualise your new space before it is created; colour and finish selection to ensure that your décor is perfect; custom furniture design to ensure that every piece in your home is suited to your needs; and soft furnishings, which will add personality and life to the space.

We offer a variety of different seating types, ensuring that there is a piece to suit your requirements and available space. Whether you are searching for a large sofa or a compact armchair for your Northcote home, we have the solution you have been looking for. Our sofas are available in either leather or fabric upholstery and we use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that your product is genuine and will be long lasting.

As well as our extensive range of stunning floor rugs (from hides to vintage), our team is able to arrange for a custom made rug if you are looking for something in particular. We have over 100 designs to choose from (or you can create one from scratch) and over 1000 different colours available. Our consultants will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that the finished rug is the perfect match for your Northcote home.

Red Interior Design’s consultants are more than happy to assist you with the selection of a new sofa or with the creation of a custom made rug. We have a very thorough understanding of proportions and colour, ensuring that your Northcote home is everything you dreamed it could be and more. We are also happy to source specific pieces for you. Our showroom is open 6 days a week and by appointment – we look forward to seeing you there!